Alienators Episode
Season 1, Episode 9
Name Junkyard Dogs
Air date October 27, 2001
production Code 107
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Junkyard Dogs is the ninth episode of the show.

Synopsis Edit

While looking for repair parts for the fire truck, Wayne and Gassie stumble across a new Genus outbreak in a junkyard, and then get in trouble with General Woodman for having destroyed government property.

Full Summary Edit

After wiping out an outbreak of giant Genus bats, the fire truck needs some repairs, so Wayne takes Gassie to his favourite place in all of Glen Canyon: the junkyard. But, while looking for spare parts, they stumble upon a new outbreak of the Genus, and before Ira and Harry can come to the rescue, General Woodman throws them in the brig for destroying government property. Now, torn between following her orders and saving the world, Lt. Lucy must find a way to break Ira and Harry out of jail and save Wayne and Gassie.