Alienators: Evolution Continues
Genre Animation,Action,Sci-fi
Country of origin USA
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26
Run time 30 minutes
Original channel Fox Kids Network
Original run 15 Sept 2001 - May 18, 2002

Alienators: Evolution Continues (also known as Evolution: the Animated Series in the UK) is a traditionally animated series based on the moderately successful live-action feature film, Evolution.

Premise Edit

As with the movie, the premise of the series is that a meteor carrying organisms that evolve at a very quick rate crashes into the Arizona Desert; single-celled alien organisms on this meteor quickly evolve into monstrous creatures, dubbed the "Genus". A team of scientists, the Alienators, must eliminate these creatures before they destroy all life on Earth.Follows up to the Ivan Reitman Science-Fiction film, "Evolution" the characters, Ira Kane, Harry Block, Lt. Lucy Mai, and Wayne Green must study all these extraterrestrial lifeforms and find a way to defeat them all.

The "Genus" is led by a "humanoid manifestation" named Scopes.

Characters Edit

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Episode Guide Edit

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Alienators ran for a total of twenty six episodes over a total of one Season.

Trivia Edit

The name of the villain Scopes is likely a reference to the defendant in the Scopes Trial which concerned the teaching of evolution in public schools.

There are many differences between the series and the movie:

  • While General Woodman had a balding hairline in the movie, he had a full head of hair in the series.
  • Deke and Danny Donald appear in the series, but Danny is renamed Derek.
  • Wayne's surname is changed from Grey to Green.
  • The romance between Ira and Allison as seen in the movie is ignored in the series.
  • In the first episode when the gang is watching the news and they see themselves destroying the giant alien from the movie, they are wearing different clothes, and Deke and Danny are not present.
  • Harry Block's hair is long and braided into large cornrows, rather than short as in the movie.
  • Ever since episode 4, Wayne has Genus D.N.A. in him, resulting in him mutating into half-Genus creatures in different episodes.